Introduction to movies based on true stories:

The epidemic of outrage is unprecedented in any form. Likewise, the walking back of the old lifestyle is also not something you call sure neither is it predictable. And as the new normal is still in its stack bragging our seats in our abodes, what you can do is pass the leisure time in something better than nothing.

Well, I am talking about watching real-life movies that are in some way figured to impact the audience. Such movies are bound to retain some positive aspects. Also, with motivational visuals, you get to share some auspicious time with your family. And what on earth is better than moments with your family? Top right stories movies accompany moments that you receive.

Now Enjoy These best movies based on true stories: accurate story movies list

One fact stated from a personal opinion is that of perspectives of life when compared to the other person living alters with significant fluctuation. The fluctuation is more on the optimistic wall, and that’s a good thing.

The previous paragraph is nothing but a clustering of words explaining why an accurate story movies list is a list of impacts!

  • Lost Girls

Available on NetFlix, ‘Lost Girl’ directed by Liz Garbus is a documentation with a powerful message of one of the most outraged unsolved cases. The story goes on with the Ellenville mother, Mari Gilbert played by Amy Ryan, the actual problems of which start after an unexpected disappearance of Shannan, her daughter in May 2010. Shannan’s sister’s continuous effort to connect with her via phone is left unanswered. Although that’s something you don’t say ‘went in vain’.

‘Lost Girl’ is one of those good story movies filled with thrill. With the disappearance, the abrupt panic surfaced in all of her family members. But the panic for real rose high after the police had said that previous night Shannan had made a successful attempt in calling 911 from Oak Beach.

Over the connection with 911, Shannan seemed to be scared, and the fact that she was running from something was clear with her voice. But unfortunately, the 911 didn’t bother to show up until the passage of an hour.

The following events are more horrifying than what just happened. On the mission to find Shannan, a deceased body was discovered in the Burlap sack, but it turns out it wasn’t her.

  • The Last Full Measure

This movie takes the 1999 Vietnam war behind the camera. The whole movie is one of the best movies based on true stories ever to be directed by Todd Robinson gives a significant focus to Pitsenbarger who managed to be a hero saving many lives.

But Pitsenbargar wasn’t even assigned to be on the field. He, along with his colleagues, was airlifting the ones injured until the medics ran out. Soon, Pitsenbargar received a command to reach the aircraft so they could leave, but he straightforwardly denied. Instead, he insisted on staying and held an aid to the rest on the ground.

The movie is more emphasized on the visuals of every consequence that happens after the war. The stress for overall everything and the destruction it leaves is depicted in this movie by Todd Robinson.

Indeed, ‘The last full measure’ would have got into more of the emotional cliche if the flow was managed in an unbalanced order. Director corrected the unhappened visuals by giving some snippets of removing guilt.

  • Sergio

One of the best good story movies, ‘Sergio’ is portraying Sérgio Vieira de Mello, a UP diplomat of a high posting sharing work areas East Timor and Iraq and more focused on De Mello, whom you’ll probably get to see in every scene. Greg Barker, being the director of the movie, casts Wagner Moura as Mello.

The other visuals, very noticeable in the whole of the movie, is the frequent fluctuations of location and dates that keep rotating. One moment the screen is in the latest time, while on the other it goes back to something historic. Now that can be very confusing to watch and understand.

All of the fluctuations are reasonable considering the concentration it needs, everything due to Mello witnessing a flashback in eyes. Such manners can draw in more complexity and indeed creates an intensifying aspect.

One thing very relaxed about the movie is the love-bonding of Mello and De Armas, played by Carolina Larrier. The gorgeous chemistry of both innerly calms anyone who’s watching it.

This romantic movie with pinches of glamorizing love is something that’s bound to craze the movie fan is available to watch on Netflix.

  • I Still Believe

Yet another movie with a mixture of Romance and tragedy, making it one of the best movies based on true stories is ‘I still believe’, directed by siblings Andrew Erwin and Jon Erwin.

The movie is romantic and emotionally impactful to a great extent, taking the real stories of a music artist named Jeremy Camp, played by KJ Apa. Jeremy camp is a music lover and is willing to pursue his career as a songwriter for which he goes and takes some guidance from Jean-Luc.

Luckily, Jean-Luc is much impressed by Jeremy’s music ability, but there’s a little trouble for Luc’s a little involved with Melissa, the girl whom Jeremy loves.

The cute duo crossed each other’s path at California’s Calvary Chapel Bible College in the year 1999. But later in the time, Malissa is diagnosed with cancer. The journey for Jeremy is emotional, of both love and loss of it, but most of the audience claims that the film is all about evaluating the array of hope.

The Erwin brothers have shown the audience a very compelling story of Jeremy and his lover Melissa played by Britt Robertson.

  • Resistance

‘Resistance’ coming to us as one of the top-rated based on real story movies is not so much of a surprise because the story will have many people connected with it. As we meet Jesse Eisenberg for the first time in the film, he’s giving his performance of mime wearing a moustache in 1938 in France. One thing that reminisces each of us with that particular scene is of Charlie Chaplin mimes, maybe because Jesse has put on a similar kind of moustache.

While Jesse was giving out the best in the character of Marcel, his father who’s a Kosher Butcher being so annoyed by the fact he was fixed with the pursuit dressed up as that of Hitler.

Well yes, Marcel was his character until he received his fame as Marcel Marceau in the 20th century. The three elements, namely, his skills, creativity, and the ground basicity he portrayed in his mime is what made him everyone’s favourite.

Other than that, Marcel historically was engaged in war and became a hero. He and a few scouts inclusive of both genders secretly rescued the little orphans who lost their parents in the war. Also, he initially worked in a French Resistance, the name of which was altered soon after the Nazis had conquered the French dominion.


Movies based on true stories are dealt with in history. And to a larger field, it is pretty nice to see what other people lived through. You learn not only the story but how those decades were and until what civilization until the respective year.

Watching and creation of the top movies based on true stories is not a new phenomenon in the entertainment sector. The actual point as a whole is what have you learned from the story.

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